ORFH develops community based multi-family rental housing and works directly with the agricultural community to develop on-farm and near-farm housing serving the needs of both farmworkers and agricultural employers. 

  • Market analyses of local housing need and demand and analyses of local agricultural trends.

  • Land assembly, including site inventories and feasibility analyses of suitable parcels, purchase negotiations, preparing option/purchase agreements and environmental assessments.

  • Applications/negotiations for construction and permanent financing from public and private sources.

  • Assistance with loan closing, construction processing, project closeout and other owner responsibilities in the development process.

  • Low interest pre-development loans for land options, architectural work, surveys, soil testing and other costs incurred prior to closing on construction/permanent financing.

  • Management assistance and training to assure long-term viability.

  • ORFH offers all the necessary services to obtain capital financing and assure the quality of housing construction and property management.